Hi, I’m Kimberly Steele. I’m a composer and songwriter. I live in the suburbs of Chicago with my husband and our cats. From my earliest memory, I wanted to create music that sounded like what I heard in my head. I went to music school in search of ways of pulling that music out and making it “real”. I majored in Music Theory, a subject nobody seemed to like except for me. I graduated in the early 2000s. Somewhere along the way I fell into my dream job of music teacher. Nowadays, I have a thriving home studio with lots of piano, guitar, and vocal students.

I have written at least 10,000 songs, most of which no human has ever heard (thankfully). I have inflicted these tunes on my poor cats by serenading them over the years. I turned the few good ones that survived the selection process into a couple of albums. My first album, Queenie, was badly recorded by me in 2002. It’s no longer available. A re-working of the best songs of that album is in progress. My second self-produced album, the Dream of Flight, is available in the usual places online.

In 2019 I began writing original musical arrangements for the Orphic Hymns, a collection of 88 poems from ancient Greece translated into English by Thomas Taylor. Taylor was an early Romantic scholar who left us with two different editions of the hymns during his lifetime from 1758-1835. I release new Orphic Hymns as they come to fruition on my Youtube channel as well as my Bandcamp page.